Despite the fact that asbestos was banned from use in the UK in 1999, it is still fairly commonly found in homes and places of work across the country. In a workplace that you are responsible for, there are strict rules regarding your duty of care set down in the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. However, if you find asbestos in your own home you can take the decision to remove the material yourself.

However, it is generally recommended that unless you have many years of experience working with asbestos or are fully qualified to do so, you should not attempt to remove the substance. Exposure to asbestos can be extremely hazardous to your health, and can cause a range of diseases including various forms of cancer and asbestosis.

Asbestos Removal – Can you remove asbestos yourself?

Removing asbestos is one of the most risky times to be working with the substance. This is because asbestos is only usually dangerous when it has been moved or disturbed, allowing the fibres of the material to be released into the atmosphere where they can be breathed into the lungs. An unqualified person who doesn’t have the experience working with the material can end up releasing fibres into the air. This can be dangerous for you but also for anyone who passes through the area for a significant period of time afterwards.

If you do wish to remove asbestos yourself you should seek advice from your local council with regard to the measures you need to take to remove the substance safely, and where the material can be disposed of. However, it is always advisable instead to get in touch with asbestos experts who are licensed and experience in the testing of materials as well as asbestos removal.

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