Asbestos Compliance

Crucial Environmental are highly experienced asbestos specialists and we can help you to comply with the relevant asbestos regulations through our range of services. Whether you have recently purchased a commercial property or you need help to gain compliance for a building you have had for a long time, we can help. Please get in contact with us today for more details on what we can do for you.

What is asbestos compliance?

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 legislates that asbestos must be managed by businesses and owners of any kind of non-residential property. The management includes the identification or presumption of asbestos, as well as the monitoring its condition and planning for how the risk of exposure to asbestos is minimised.

To be compliant with these regulations you are required to have a documented asbestos management plan. You must also keep a record and monitor the condition of any known asbestos materials on the property. These records must be kept up to date, and the information should be readily available.

At Crucial Environmental we can help you no matter what state of compliance you are currently in – whether are looking to have a brand new asbestos management plan created or you just need to update some details.

Asbestos compliance services we offer

Asbestos Management Plan

An asbestos management plan sets out the risks posed by any asbestos that is present in your building as well as detailing any procedures that are needed. It is a requirement to have a plan in place from data acclimated from an asbestos survey.

Your plan will generally contain your policies and procedures for dealing with asbestos, as well as information about the asbestos at your property. You will also need to detail any duties or responsibilities which lie with staff members, along with training requirements and instructions. Our asbestos surveys can help you to create a plan.

Asbestos Management Software

To control and manage your compliance information you can use our web-based asbestos management database, which is viewable and updatable from any location using a mobile device or tablet. This allows you to form re-inspections and provide the information to update the details in seconds.

Asbestos Desktop Study

If you are already partly compliant or are not sure whether you are currently fully complaint, our desktop study could be perfect for you. It is a gap analysis in which we examine what you have done to date and identity any areas where you are not compliant or need any additional work to gain full compliance with the regulations.

We then create a schedule to help plan the activities you need to undertake in order to achieve compliance. Our desktop study offers specific recommendations as well as budgets, an action timetable and a summary.

Asbestos Policies and Procedures

We can help you to develop compliant asbestos policies and procedures, which can help you to fully understand your responsibilities and carry out any duties to remain in full compliance with current and planned regulations.

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