Asbestos Removal on Ships: Maritime Safety and Compliance

Crucial Environmental Ltd, we are fully licensed and qualified to handle asbestos-related challenges on ships. Our specialised services comply with the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) regulations, ensuring safe, thorough, and compliant asbestos removal from various types of ships.

Asbestos, once a prevalent material in shipbuilding due to its durability and fire-resistant properties, poses significant health risks. Airborne asbestos fibres can cause severe illnesses, including mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis. Identifying and removing asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) from ships is vital to protect the health of the crew and other personnel.

Our Comprehensive Asbestos-Related Services for Ships:

Professional Surveys: We conduct extensive asbestos surveys on ships. Our team inspects the vessels, identifies ACMs, and assesses their condition, focusing on areas as per SOLAS regulations.

Detailed Assessment: Based on the survey findings, we offer a detailed assessment of the asbestos situation on your ship. Our approach is tailored to the ship’s construction date and current SOLAS compliance requirements.

Safe Removal: Our highly trained and licensed specialists carefully and safely remove all ACMs from ships. We adhere to strict safety protocols and SOLAS guidelines to minimise asbestos exposure risks.

Disposal: We ensure all removed asbestos materials are disposed of in accordance with maritime environmental standards and regulations.

Post-Removal Verification: Following asbestos removal, we conduct thorough air quality monitoring and testing to ensure the ship is entirely asbestos-free and complies with SOLAS standards.

Why Choose Crucial Environmental Ltd for Maritime Asbestos Removal:

Maritime Expertise: Leveraging years of experience in asbestos management, we specialise in addressing the unique challenges of asbestos on ships.

SOLAS Compliance: Our services are designed to meet the stringent requirements of the SOLAS convention, ensuring your vessels comply with international maritime safety standards.

Safety First: The safety of your crew and our team is paramount. Our experts are equipped to manage asbestos effectively, prioritising safety in every operation.

Peace of Mind: Partner with us for assurance that your vessels are free from asbestos hazards, enhancing the safety and operational integrity of your fleet.


Are your asbestos removal services on ships licensed?

Yes, Crucial Environmental Ltd is fully licensed to conduct asbestos surveys, removal, and disposal on ships, ensuring compliance with SOLAS regulations and safety standards.

How do you ensure compliance with SOLAS regulations?

We adhere to the specific guidelines of the SOLAS convention, conducting our operations in line with the latest amendments and international maritime safety standards.

What safety measures do you take during asbestos removal?

Our team follows strict safety protocols, including the use of personal protective equipment, controlled removal processes, and rigorous air quality testing post-removal.

Can you handle asbestos removal on any type of ship?

Yes, our services are designed to manage asbestos in ships of all types and ages, from those built before 1 July 2002 to vessels constructed after 1 January 2011.



What happens after asbestos is removed from my ship?

After removal, we conduct comprehensive air quality monitoring and testing to ensure the ship is completely asbestos-free, providing a final report for your records.

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