Asbestos Floor Tile Removal

Asbestos floor tile removal is one of the many asbestos services offered by Crucial Environment. We are specialists in working with asbestos with experience and expertise in carrying out everything from surveys and testing to strip-outs and removals. If you are interested in learning more please contact us today for details.

Removing Asbestos Floor Tiles

Removing asbestos floor tiles is a job that needs to be carried out under strict conditions in order to avoid any harm from asbestos fibre release. There is often a chance of tiles snapping, and therefore releasing asbestos fibres in to the air, which is of paramount importance to be avoided, as this is when they are dangerous to human health.


Crucial Environmental carries our asbestos floor tile removal throughout the UK from our bases in Sussex and Nottinghamshire.

Asbestos Floors Tiles FAQs

Are asbestos floor tiles dangerous?

In general, asbestos floor tiles that are in good condition are not dangerous. It is only when tiles are in poor condition or if they have been damaged that they start to pose a risk to human health. If your tiles are in poor condition, now is the time to act.

How harmful are asbestos floor tiles?

When asbestos fibres are released into the atmosphere they can be breathed into the lungs. Here they are almost impossible to remove and cause long-term damage – worse, the symptoms do not typically appear until many years later. It is only when tiles are damaged or in poor condition that they can release these fibres, however.

Is removing asbestos floor tiles dangerous?

Attempting to remove asbestos floor tiles can be very dangerous if you do not have the skills and experience to do so. Carrying out removals incorrectly puts you at risk of asbestos exposure, so it is important that this is left to professionals.

What do asbestos floor tiles look like?

It is generally not possible to tell whether a tile contains asbestos or not simply from looking at it. The asbestos is a constituent material of the tile and will not be visible to the eye. The only way to establish whether asbestos is present is to have an asbestos survey carried out.

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