If you have discovered that you have some form of asbestos in your property – whether at home or at work – it is natural that you would want to look into ways to remove it. Asbestos is well known as a very dangerous material that is the cause of many fatal conditions including asbestosis and various forms of cancer, so it is logical to many people that if they find asbestos, they should get rid of it from the building as soon as possible.

But as asbestos is a dangerous substance there is a relative amount of risk that needs to be considered when it is removed. With that said – should you consider removing asbestos yourself? If you are keen on DIY and home improvement you might be tempted to do so, but this is something that you should certainly approach with caution.

Asbestos is only usually dangerous when it is in poor condition or if it is being moved or disturbed. So removing asbestos puts you in a position where you are encountering the material in its dangerous state. If the asbestos is broken or crumbling, it releases dust and fibres into the air which can then breathed into the lungs. It is once they are in the lungs that the fibres are dangerous and cause illnesses.

It should be noted that there is usually no need to remove asbestos if it is in good condition. Asbestos that is unlikely to be disturbed usually doesn’t pose a risk, and the danger becomes far higher if you attempt to remove it. Instead, if you are certain that you want to have asbestos removed you should call in professionals to carry out the job safely and without leaving asbestos particles in the air.