Two companies, including a Hampshire based firm, have been fined after being found to be guilty of failing to identify the presence of asbestos in pipes due to assumptions and failures to undertake thorough checks and surveys. The public were put at risk of asbestos exposure.

The asbestos lined pipes had been removed from HMS Sultan naval training base in Gosport in September 2009 and subsequently stacked on the side of the road at the base before being dumped in a standard open metal recycling skip.

An HSE Inspector said after the hearing:

“Before anyone undertakes any demolition or refurbishment works they must take appropriate steps to ensure they have reliable information regarding the materials they are dealing with, an essential requirement that is specifically in place to identify the presence of asbestos.

“Thousands of people die every year as a result of asbestos-related disease, and duty holders cannot afford to take any chances or make assumptions.”

This story once again outlines the necessity to carry out a thorough and investigative asbestos survey before any demolition or refurbishment work is carried out.

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