Why it is essential to use asbestos specialists

In many old buildings, there is still asbestos present. It is a fibrous material which is not flammable. It was employed mainly as a fire protective covering during the construction of buildings.

As we know today, asbestos can cause cancer and lead to scarring of the lung tissue. If there are is certain concentration of asbestos fibres measured indoors, the building must be made completely free of asbestos. This is also called asbestos removal.

It depends on the scale, but removing asbestos can be a tricky process. Often, steel structures were wrapped with asbestos fibres to ensure fire safety and these fibres must be removed by hand. It is often also worked with a suction system, so that the restoration can be done more effectively.

So that no one health threat is exposed, the building needs to be unoccupied for a period after removal. When the toxic substances are present in the atmosphere, removal workers must be equipped with a special protective suit. Only after measurements are carried out and the building is thoroughly cleaned, can it be re-entered normally.

The asbestos removal can be quite an undertaking and as such, the building at which the works are being carried out will need to be conditioned appropriately. Only a specialised company would have the experience and knowledge to do this effectively. This includes a dust-proof sealing of the building so that the tiny glass fibres are not released into the environment. The interior of the building in which such rehabilitation is carried out, must also be kept under negative pressure. The rooms may only be entered or exited through a lock system.

In an asbestos removal, the proper disposal of affected materials plays a major role. Because asbestos contains certain toxins, most landfills will not accept this kind of waste. Different waste treatment methods have been developed however. However, since there are – as yet – no ideal forms of disposal, bringing the asbestos waste to a local recycling centre can be the only option. It is then wrapped in large packages and covered with mineral material to prevent the release of toxic fibres.

As an individual cannot perform asbestos removal due to the complexity and risks attached, it must be commissioned through a company that has been approved by the competent authorities. To attempt otherwise, could mean becoming contaminated inadvertently.

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