Asbestos can go undetected in properties for a long time, and often it can be a surprise to a homeowner as they learn their family has been living in close proximity to this potentially dangerous substance for a long time. It could be the case that you have uncovered a suspicious-looking substance while carrying out DIY or maybe you have been altered to the presence of asbestos by someone working on your home.

No matter how you find out, it can be distressing and it is natural to want to do everything you can to ensure that you and your family will not be exposed to asbestos. Here we look at the steps that you can take to minimise the risk of exposure.

Find out where asbestos is located

Firstly, it should be noted that asbestos in properties is a lot more common than you might realise. While the health risks associated with asbestos are well-known at this point, the substance was not banned in the UK until 2000, and up until that point the material had been very regularly used for a number of different building purposes.

This means that there could be asbestos hidden in a wide range of places across your home. The key thing to do is to have an asbestos survey conducted by professionals who will be able to examine your home for asbestos and provide details on how to minimise the dangers.

Don’t try to remove asbestos yourself

One common mistake that people make when they find that their home contains asbestos is to attempt to remove the substance themselves. Often it is in fact the case that asbestos does not need to be removed at all. And if you begin working on asbestos without the appropriate training, you can be putting yourself at risk.

Have the survey carried out first, this will let you know whether you need to have the asbestos removed. This can then be conducted by professionals.

Regularly have asbestos surveys carried out

Even if you have had an asbestos survey in the past and believe that you know the condition of the asbestos, remember that this can deteriorate with time and that it may be necessary to have a re-inspection carried out to ensure that it is still safe.