A news article from the HSE last week highlights the importance of using trusted asbestos surveyors.

Two asbestos surveyors have appeared in court after construction workers were exposed to asbestos fibres during a refurbishment at a pub.

They were fined after they failed to identify the presence of asbestos at 32 different locations in the pub.

They produced an asbestos survey report, however the report failed to identify large amounts of asbestos in the basement and as a result the workers were exposed to the potentially deadly asbestos fibres as they carried out the refurbishment work.

A spokesman for HSE said:

“Asbestos consultants and surveyors perform a vitally important role in the construction industry and are relied on to keep workers safe.”

“Construction companies trust their expert opinions to help prevent workers from being exposed to asbestos fibres. It’s therefore essential that they do not take their minds off the job when carrying out asbestos surveys.”

So, don’t cut corners, call in Crucial Environmental to perform a thorough asbestos survey.

We have the knowledge and experience to ensure that this kind of oversight will not happen. Alternatively, if you have already had an asbestos survey carried out, it may be worth getting a second opinion to ensure no asbestos containing materials are missed.

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