Potential Asbestos Exposure

Several workers and contractors were potentially exposed to deadly asbestos fibres leading to a Scottish health board being fined for safety failings.

The incident related to basement plant room which in a 2009 asbestos survey had identified asbestos containing materials (ACMs) that were in good condition.  The original survey recommend the ACMs be labelled and their condition monitored.

2 years later another survey was carried out prior to installation of new equipment and the ACMs were now found to be in poor condition and now posing a high risk.  Air samples indicated a presence of asbestos fibres.

The health board had taken no action to monitor the ACMs in the plant room in the 2 years since the initial survey was carried out, and nothing had been done to maintain the materials in good condition.

As the plant room was regularly accessed by members of the health board and also outside contractors, many people could have been at risk of potentially deadly  asbestos exposure.

The board were fined £6000 for breach of Regulation 4(10) of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006.

An HSE spokesman said:

“The dangers posed by the presence of asbestos are clear. There is no known ‘safe limit’ and it is often many years after exposure before asbestos-related diseases appear – so it is important that exposure to asbestos fibres is kept to an absolute minimum.

“Glasgow Health Board failed in its duty to properly manage the risks of asbestos in its premises and as a result a number of employees and external contractors have potentially been exposed to harmful fibres.”

This incident shows the importance of keeping a regular check on any ACMs you may have on your premises.  It also shows that the survey results should be acted upon as failing to do so could lead to possible asbestos contamination.

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