Barely a day goes by without a firm being fined for failing to have an asbestos survey carried out before refurbishment works commence.

This time, a Council and a building firm have been fined for exposing a nursery school class, school staff and two joiners to asbestos fibres.

The asbestos containing material, in this case asbestos insulating board, was found in the back of a cupboard which was being dismantled. However, the joiners were unaware of this and continued to dismantle the cupboard exposing not only themselves, but also 17 children between the ages of three and four along with a teacher and teaching assistant, to potentially deadly asbestos fibres.

By law, asbestos insulating board should only be removed by licensed asbestos removal contractors.

Once again, this highlights that it is imperative to have an asbestos survey carried out before any work commences for any type of refurbishment work.  This includes any situation where a worker or contractor could come in contact with asbestos containing materials in the course of their work.

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