Whenever a property contains asbestos, and that asbestos is disturbed, fibres can be released into the atmosphere. And it is here that they can be harmful to human health. This means that before it is safe to re-use the property it may be necessary to have asbestos air testing carried out by a team of experienced professionals.

What is asbestos air testing?

The process of air testing involves the premises being sealed off, and then a specific volume of air is drawn through a filter over a period of time. Airborne materials are collected in the filter – this filter can then be sent off to a laboratory where it will be analysed.

This testing will establish whether or not asbestos fibres are present, and ascertain their current levels.

When do properties need testing?

Air testing is often carried out on all types of properties from private homes and commercial properties to industrial premises. If you believe you have uncovered asbestos or you suspect that asbestos may have been disturbed, it may be necessary to have asbestos air testing.

Should I have my property tested?

If you believe that you have disturbed asbestos at your property then it is essential that you should get in contact with experienced asbestos professionals as soon as possible. Asbestos air testing can be an important step in ensuring that a property is fit for habitation, but there may be other steps that are necessary first.

At Crucial Environmental, our team regularly carries out work in all forms of asbestos services. If you have any questions about the material or what can be done if you have found it in your property, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.