Asbestos Management Plan

The greatest risk when removing asbestos occurs by inhaling its fibres. This is more likely to occur to those who repair or remove asbestos-containing materials as any remaining suspended particles may be released into the atmosphere. This is more likely when considering brittle or eroded materials or those which are subject to cuts or abrasions when being removed.

Therefore, when one removes or repairs materials containing asbestos, or works in potentially contaminated sites with asbestos naturally, it’s advisable to follow the following recommendations:

Precautions when removing asbestos

It is recommended that asbestos removal is performed by specialist companies that have qualified personnel and are equipped both to diagnose its presence, and to proceed to withdrawals and the major overhaul of material.

It is very important that you do not handle or remove loose materials containing asbestos yourself. Always contact experts in asbestos removal, as they have the relevant experience in carrying out jobs like this in the correct manner.
Before the beginning of each job, the company must prepare an asbestos management plan.

The plan should specify:

• Description of work to be done specifying the type of activity that applies: demolition, removal, maintenance or repair work etc.
• The types of material involved, whether friable (lagging, insulating panels, etc.) or non-friable (cement, vinyl asbestos, etc.), indicating the quantities of asbestos or materials handled.
• Location where they will be doing work.
• The starting date and the expected duration of work.
• Nominal list of employees directly involved in work or contact with material containing asbestos and occupational categories such as trades, training and experience of such workers in the specified jobs.
• Procedures to be followed and the particularities required for the adequacy of those procedures to perform specific work.
• The preventative measures referred to limit the dispersion of asbestos fibres into the environment and the measures taken to limit the exposure of workers to asbestos.
• The equipment used for the protection of workers, specifying the nature and number of decontamination units and the type and usage of personal protective equipment.
• Measures taken to avoid exposing others in the vicinity where the work is performed.
• Measures to inform workers about the risks they are exposed to and the precautions to be taken.
• Measures to put waste, in accordance with current legislation indicating a landfill manager and company.
• Procedure for the evaluation and control of the working environment in accordance with the standard regulations.

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