If asbestos is affecting your home or business or if you just want to know more about the subject, then listed below are a range of valuable websites packed with useful advice.

https://www.hse.gov.uk/asbestos/  One of the best places to begin your search, the HSE contains all kinds of information, extra resources, FAQs and advice for all. This includes tradespeople, building owners, licensed contractors or members of the public. With facts on asbestos, the dangers and up to date news stories too, you should definitely take a look here.

https://www.aic.org.uk/  The Asbestos Information Centre is another massive resource with countless articles and information. Featuring the latest in regulations, technical information, lists of asbestos removal companies, and lots of asbestos management tips, the AIC website is the perfect place to visit.

https://www.asbestoswatchdog.co.uk/home  This handy website is especially good if you need to know how aspects of the law affect sites with asbestos. There is also well mapped out sections on the science behind asbestos, advice and image galleries too.

https://www.diydoctor.org.uk/projects/asbestos.htm  From a DIY website, this page may be short, but it packs some very useful information. This includes a video clip highlighting how to safely remove asbestos after inspection and a link to a Local Authority Database, so you can find out more information in your area.

Following on from this, it is advisable that you always contact your Local Council website for more information about how to deal with asbestos where you live.

https://www.asbestos.com/mesothelioma/uk/  Focusing mainly on the health side of asbestos, the dangers, consequences and tips for those affected, this is a large resource that is full of important advice.

https://www.iatp.org.uk/  Related to the above is the iatp website, which specialises in finding your company the best asbestos training course available. With a huge database and other information on asbestos, this fulfils a lot of criteria if you want your staff trained in asbestos awareness.

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