Asbestos was banned completely from use in the UK in 1999. But up until then it has been a very commonly used material in many forms of building and construction. It is well known that asbestos has been used for its strong insulation properties, and therefore can be found inside walls and in lofts. However, there are actually many places around the home and workplace that you can find the substance – some of which you might have no idea about! Here are three materials that commonly contain asbestos but you may not even realise it.


You might be surprised to learn that that asbestos was often used in the mixture for cement. Powdered asbestos is mixed in with other traditional cement materials, as it was used as thickening and strengthening agent. This cement was then used in a range of places, including in the roofing of garages and sheds, and in various locations around the house such as downpipes and gutters. Of course, not all cement in these areas contain asbestos, and asbestos-containing cement looks identical to standard cement.

To understand whether or not you have cement containing asbestos on your property, it is necessary to have testing carried out.

Floor tiles

Asbestos floor tiles are actually a lot more common than you might imagine. A number of years ago, this material was a very common form of flooring. Often they are hidden beneath carpet, and can have been there for a very long time with your realising.

Sprayed coatings

One of the most dangerous forms of asbestos-containing materials that you can find on a property, sprayed coatings were previously used for their insulating properties at warehouses and other industrial premises. They often contain a very high level of asbestos, and can be easily disturbed, causing fibres to be released into the atmosphere.