Two builders have been sentenced for exposing householders and themselves to asbestos.

The two self employed builders illegally removed and broke up asbestos panels from a home in Birmingham. The City Council had taken sample of materials from the garage of the home as part of a grant to renovate the garage into a dwelling for the householder’s disabled father.  The test indicated that the materials contained asbestos, but the refurbishment had already started before the results were returned. The materials (asbestos insulating boards) had been removed and broken up with a hammer.

Asbestos Survey

The pair did not hold the necessary licence to remove the AIBs, or ask to see or carry out an asbestos survey which is required by law before any demolition or refurbishment work is done.

They were each fined £2000 with costs of £1200.

A HSE inspector said:

“An estimated 70% of properties contain asbestos. It is illegal to undertake any work which will disturb the fabric of the building without carrying out and obtaining the results of an asbestos survey.”

So, make sure that before you do any refurbishment or demolition work or asbestos removal you get a thorough asbestos survey carried out.

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