A Birmingham builder has been fined for illegally removing asbestos insulating boards from his home, potentially exposing people in the street, including young children, to potentially deadly asbestos fibres.

The builder was converting a garage into living quarters when he removed the asbestos boards. He had not had an asbestos survey carried out and did not hold the necessary licence to remove the boards.

Once he had removed the boards, they were broken up and put on the driveway (uncovered), potentially allowing the disturbed asbestos fibres to become airbourne and a subsequent health risk for people in the vicinity.

He was fined £4000 and £1100 costs.

An HSE inspector said:

“Asbestos fibres are a well known and widely publicised potential health risk. The type of work being undertaken at Rover Drive should only be carried out by a contractor who holds the necessary licence, in a safe manner and with the necessary control measures.

“Unfortunately, those working in the construction industry are regularly exposed to asbestos. The legacy of past exposure is evident in the high numbers of people in the UK who are suffering from asbestos-related diseases which can sometimes be fatal. The current laws exist to protect future generations from this fate”

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