Asbestos Removal and Asbestos Surveys in Norfolk

With years of experience and expertise, Crucial Environmental is a team of asbestos professionals working throughout Norfolk and the surrounding area. We offer a full range of asbestos services including surveys, samplingtesting and removals for both residential properties and commercial premises.

We work throughout the whole of Norfolk, including Norwich, Kings Lynn, Great Yarmouth and beyond. This means that we have excellent local knowledge as well as our years of industry experience. If you are interested in learning more about the range of asbestos services we provide in Norfolk, please get in contact with our team today.

Asbestos Surrey

Asbestos surveys in Norfolk


We offer a range of different asbestos surveys to suit the needs of our clients. It may be the case that your business needs to have a survey carried out in order to prepare an asbestos management plan. Alternatively, you may be buying a property and need to have a survey carried to check for the presence of the substance.

No matter what you need your survey for, our team of experienced professionals can help.

Asbestos Removals


As well as surveys, we also carry out asbestos removals. It is not always the case that removals are necessary; in many circumstances, it is actually a better plan to keep the asbestos in-situ. Nevertheless, if you require asbestos removals, we have the experience and knowledge to carry it out for you.

Asbestos Air Testing

It can also be necessary to have air testing carried out any time that asbestos has been released into the atmosphere. This can occur either on purpose as a part of building work, or accidentally. In either case, it is important to establish when it is safe to re-enter a premises. We can arrange asbestos air testing for you.


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