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If you own any kind of property in Lincolnshire, an asbestos survey could be a legal requirement for you. At Crucial Environmental, we have years of carrying out in-depth asbestos surveys and removals in order to allow commercial and industrial property owners to create asbestos management plans. We have offices close-by in Northamptonshire, and have significant experience in the area, working everywhere from Lincoln and Scunthorpe to Grimsby and Boston.

If you are interested in having an asbestos survey carried out in Lincolnshire get in contact with the team Crucial Environmental today. You can call us on 01623 711080 or email directly on and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Whether you own a residential property, commercial premises or an industrial building, you could benefit from having an asbestos survey carried out – in some cases it may be a legal requirement. Crucial Environmental asbestos surveys provide all of the information that you need to draw up an asbestos management plan, which is a legal requirement under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

This is due to the fact that if you are responsible for a property, you have a duty to minimise the risk of asbestos exposure to staff, visitors and the general public. There is no legal need for homeowners to manage asbestos on their property, but as the material presents a potential health risk, it is sensible to take as many precautions as necessary.

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Our highly skilled staff have extensive experience in carrying out surveys, and they begin with attempts to locate any asbestos or asbestos containing materials (ACMs) on your property. If any materials are uncovered during our search that we believe may be or contain asbestos, we take a sample and send it off to a UKAS accredited laboratory.

The lab will then test the sample to establish the presence of asbestos – results are returned to us within 36 hours. If you have a specific need for very fast reporting, we can expedite the process.

Assistance, advice and recommendations


Once the survey has been carried out and we have received the results from the sampled materials we will create a full report. Our reports are in-depth but are written without technical language or jargon to ensure they are as easy as possible to understand.

As a part of our report we will provide advice and recommendations for how to manage any ACMs that have been found at the property.

Asbestos lab testing in Lincolnshire

We carry out laboratory testing as a part of the wide-ranging asbestos services that we provide. Asbestos is often contained invisibly within building materials such as cement or in pre-made products such as tiles, which makes it impossible to spot with the naked eye.

Additionally, some materials that have a similar appearance to asbestos are actually considered harmless – so it is vital to establish whether asbestos is present or not. We do this with asbestos lab testing.

We are often called to residential, commercial, and industrial properties across Lincolnshire and find the presence of potential asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). We will collect a sample from these ACMs and send them off to a UKAS-accredited lab in order to be analysed. We typically get the results back within 36 hours.

Why you need an asbestos survey in Lincolnshire

There are many buildings across Lincolnshire that contain asbestos – this is simply due to the fact that for so long asbestos was a commonly used material in many areas of construction. If a property was built before 1999 then there is a possibility it contains asbestos. And as Lincolnshire experiences periods of growth and development, it is natural that this asbestos is more likely to be disturbed.

Asbestos is typically only dangerous when fibres become airborne and can be breathed into the lungs. It is especially important, then, to have an asbestos survey carried out before you conduct any DIY or property renovation. To learn more about whether you require an asbestos survey please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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