Asbestos Removal and Asbestos Surveys in Berkshire

If you are interested in having any kind of asbestos survey or other asbestos-related work carried out in Berkshire, the team at Crucial Environmental has extensive experience. Our team consists of fully trained and highly experienced asbestos professionals with years of knowledge – we would be delighted to work at your business or residential property.

Whether you would like to book an asbestos survey today, or if you just want to learn more about the range of services we provide in Windsor, Reading, Slough and surrounding Berkshire areas, please contact our team today. You can email us at or call the team directly on 01623 711080.

Asbestos Surrey

Asbestos surveys in Berkshire


For homeowners in Berkshire, an asbestos survey can be essential in ensuring that the property is safe and will continue to be for the coming months and years. If you believe that asbestos may be present in your property it is essential to understand its condition – our asbestos surveys provide you with this information.

For the owners of commercial or industrial properties, having an asbestos management plan in place is a legal requirement to minimise the risk of exposure to asbestos to staff, customers, and members of the general public. An asbestos survey is an important first step to establish whether asbestos is present and its current condition.

We will consult directly with you to understand which type of asbestos survey may be suited to your needs. We will then attend your property to understand the scope of the survey.

Asbestos Lab testing in Berkshire

As a part of our surveys, we will be looking for potential asbestos and asbestos-containing materials (ASMs). If we encounter any materials that we believe to be asbestos, we will carefully collect a sample so that it can be sent away to a UKAS-accredited lab for testing and analysis.

The laboratory will test the sample and then provide us with full details on its composition and condition. We typically expect the results back within 36 hours.

Asbestos removals in Berkshire


As well as carrying out high-quality asbestos surveys, sampling and lab testing – we additionally provide a full range of asbestos removal services across Berkshire and the surrounding area. If we have identified asbestos at your property and we believe that the right course of action is to have the material removed, we can do so safely and efficiently.

Asbestos Removals in Berkshire

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