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Specialists in asbestos surveys in the West Midlands, Crucial Environmental is a team of experienced and knowledgeable surveyors who have carried out all forms of asbestos services across the region. If you believe that your property contains asbestos – whether it is residential, commercial, or industrial – it is important to have an asbestos survey as soon as possible. For more information or to book an asbestos survey please get in contact with us today by calling 01623 711080 or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Crucial Environmental is a team of highly experienced asbestos specialists with offices close to the West Midlands. We have significant expertise working in the area, with clients everywhere from Birmingham and Wolverhampton to Walsall and Coventry – we would love to help you with any of your asbestos needs.

If you are the owner of (or you are responsible for) commercial or industrial property it is a legal requirement under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 that you should have a management plan in place. An asbestos survey is the first step in drawing up this plan. For residential property owners there is no legal need to have a management plan, however, many homeowners wish to have an asbestos survey for the peace of mind.

Asbestos Lab Testing West Midlands

As a part of the service we will take the samples and then have them sent off to the lab for testing. The materials will be sent to a United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) laboratory. In the lab it is assessed and a certificate of analysis is created and returned to us. This will provide details of the composition and condition of any asbestos found.

The results are usually available within 36 hours – however, we understand that sometimes the results are needed urgently, and we may be able to expedite the process if necessary.

Asbestos Testing West Midlands


It is not always possible to tell from observation whether or not asbestos is present. The material often looks very similar to other substances which are harmless. This means that it can be necessary to have the potential asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) sampled and the sent away to a lab to be tested. Our skilled team of professionals can carefully and safely take a sample of the potential asbestos without damaging the material.

A detailed report

Once we have all the results back, we compile an in-depth report. The analysis will be comprehensive but free from jargon to ensure it is as easy to understand as possible. This report will be printed in full colour and presented to you, as well as emailed to you as a PDF.

Asbestos dangers in the West Midlands

There are many areas across the West Midlands that are currently going through a period of renovation and expansion. It should be noted that this can be a time when asbestos is most dangerous. Asbestos is usually only dangerous to human health when the fibres of the material are airborne and can be breathed into the lungs.

Under normal conditions, undisturbed asbestos is not typically dangerous. But if your property is undergoing any kind of renovations, refit or simply an invasive DIY project, it is important to get an asbestos survey carried out. Get in contact with Crucial Environmental today for more details.

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